What You Need to Know About Team Coaching

What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is becoming indispensable to leadership development and achieving results through collaboration. In Team Coaching you and the members of your team gain a more complete understanding of each other, establish common goals, and develop shared practices to collectively execute the strategies that lead to a sustainable level of high performance. You learn to resolve conflict and work in synergy with each other for peak performance and meaningful results.

Why Should You Be Concerned With Team Performance?

Relationships are at the very heart of Team Coaching. In today’s environment, you are interacting with colleagues in your department and cross functionally across the company or organization, all at different levels of seniority and responsibility. The more you understand each other and learn how to work through your differences, the more enjoyable your working environment becomes, resulting in a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

What Benefits Do You Get From Team Coaching?

There are many proven and tangible results from becoming a high performance team, including:

  • Identifying and discussing key issues that are inhibiting the group from achieving peak performance
  • Enhancing team strengths and skills
  • Becoming more comfortable with and gaining the skills to work through opinions that differ within the group
  • Communicating with clarity and in a meaningful manner
  • Improving group morale and productivity
  • Strengthening positive relationships between group members for long-lasting results
  • Holding each other accountable for team plans, goals and outcomes
  • Achieving more as a team than as a coalition of individuals
  • Sharing responsibility and developing future leaders
  • Developing better relationships both within the company and externally

What Tools are Utilized in Team Coaching?

At the Holbrow Group a variety of organizational relationship or “systems” coaching techniques and methods are used. Some are based on the theory of relationships and positive psychology. Other methods encourage different ways of making decisions such as using your Emotional Intelligence and effective communication. A range of online, gold standard assessments are incorporated into the coaching process to measure what is needed and what is changing as a result of the coaching intervention.

How Is Team Coaching Structured?

The Holbrow Group begins by uncovering the perspectives of the individuals that comprise the team. From there we utilize proven, powerful techniques and diagnostics to design a customized series of interactive workshops supported by 30, 60, and 90 day check-in / accountability conversations. These in-person or telephone check-ins help the team stay on track with goals developed as a result of continuous open and productive leadership conversations. The sessions are held over the period of time that maximizes growth and development of the team, collectively. The highly experiential workshops are held from one to three days and are full of learning, reflection and action. Proven online and in-the moment assessment tools are used as appropriate and required.

How Do You Get Started?

Call The Holbrow Group and in 25 minutes we will lay out an a framework to get your team moving forward. Call 905-301-2264 or fill out the form on the right to get the process rolling.