How Team Coaching Optimizes Team Performance and Success

Team Coaching is an essential ingredient in personal and corporate development. The Sherpa Institute defines Team Coaching as: “regular meetings between a leadership team and a trained facilitator, designed to produce enhanced performance and/or positive changes in business behaviour in a limited time frame.”

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The Holbrow Group has extensive experience in working with small to larger groups and teams, enhancing efforts to become a sustainable high performance team.

What Do You Get out of Team Coaching?

There are many positive outcomes and benefits to you and your group or team:

  • Boosting the ability and confidence of individual team members as well as leaders to tackle new roles and responsibilities
  • Reducing stress and developing a unified vision and mission for the team
  • Increasing levels of decision-making, empowerment, respect and trust for increased team enthusiasm
  • Broadening managerial skills on an individual as well as team basis
  • Developing leadership abilities of technically skilled team members
  • Improving working relationships between team members, supervisors, peers, and customers

How Team Coaching Benefits Your Organization

A Global Coaching Client Study by ICF shows that companies which are able to measure the benefits of coaching, show financial gains to be seven times the initial investment. By identifying shortfalls compared with what is needed, Team Coaching establishes how team members can more effectively interact to achieve organizational goals.

For the company making the investment, results are measurable and benchmarked to demonstrate the achieved progress. Additionally, there are many intangible benefits such as increased employee and team fulfillment. These benefits are so obvious that companies relying on anecdotal evidence to determine the value of coaching are as likely to continue with coaching programs as a company utilizing quantifiable measures.

Team coaching

How Team Coaching Works Within Your Organization

Team Coaching, sometimes referred to as organizational systems coaching, will apply methods such as organizational systems coaching techniques and tools. These are proven powerful tools that help develop customized team practices and interpersonal skills, resulting in strong and effective relationships within your group or team.

Find Out How We Can Help You with Team Coaching

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