Become an Inspired Leader with Leadership Training Supported by Coaching

Become an Inspired Leader with Leadership Training

“The essence of leadership is not giving things or even providing visions. It is offering oneself and one’s spirit”
– Lee Bolman & Terrance Deal

A study by the Lore International Institute shows that training and coaching combined produce an 88% improvement in productivity! When you are happier, it translates to better performance and greater satisfaction in the workplace. You become a positive and valued contributor to your company.

Become an Influential and Inspiring Leader

“Know Thyself” This is what The Holbrow Group leadership training is all about – personal awareness and development. To become a leader that people will look up to and respect means you have to know and understand your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Armed with this knowledge and the capacity to change, you will make better decisions that produce positive results, not just for yourself, but also for the people you lead as well as your business. You will learn to create greater meaning and purpose in the workplace. You will motivate yourself and your employees to perform better and to provide better services for clients and customers.

Leadership TrainingTap Fully Into Your Potential

One of the most important aspects of being an influential leader is to fully understand and apply your emotions, intelligently. We now know that Emotional Intelligence or EI separates great leaders from merely good ones. According to author/researcher, Daniel Goleman, there are five critical skills which make-up our Emotional Intelligence.

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

Emotional intelligence can be learned. While working with the Holbrow Group, you will strengthen your EI competencies with practice and feedback through our Leadership Training and practice supported by follow-up coaching.

Gain Personal and Organizational Benefits

You benefit positively at home and at work when your Emotional Intelligence is fully employed. The benefits include:

  • Self confidence
  • Strong drive to achieve
  • Optimism even in the face of failure
  • Realistic self-assessment
  • Trustworthiness/integrity
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • Openness to and effectiveness in leading change
  • Organizational commitment
  • Sensitivity to cross-cultural issues
  • Expertise in building and retaining talent, team building and team leading

It is never too early or too late to be a better leader. In our Leadership Training workshops, “Aspects of Leadership”, we combine experiential Leadership Training exercises with highly effective assessment tools. We cover the following:

  • The Coach-like Leader
  • You as a Leader and Coach
  • Effectively Dealing with Conflict
  • Leading through Emotional Intelligence
  • Delivering Effective Feedback

At the Holbrow Group we believe strongly that Leadership Training does not end with just a weekend retreat. A study by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) showed that there is as much as a 72% improvement in learning when coaching follows and builds on training.

With that in mind, The Holbrow Group supports you with private and confidential group and individual check-in sessions at different steps along the way. This is done one, two, three, six, and twelve months after the completion of the training program. Our follow-up is focused on ensuring you stay on track with carrying out the customized leadership development plan that is formulated by you and implemented with our support.

Getting started is simple. Call The Holbrow Group 905-301-2264, and in 25 minutes we will lay out an action plan to get you and your group or team moving forward, at no charge to you. Call or fill out the form on the right to get the process rolling.