CEO Coaching

Who’s in Your Corner?

CEO Coaching In boxing, who you have in your corner is critical.

For without the right trainer …the right manager … the right coach … the odds of winning are against you. No matter how skilled and talented you may be.

The same is true for the CEO.

Because if you’re like most chief executives, every day seems to be fight night.

And the fate of your company … not to mention your career and the well-being of your family … depends on whether you win or lose.

You don’t have to be a fight fan to recognize that to win, you need the right team in your corner.

Trusted advisors who can help you recognize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Advisors who can help you see through the distractions in order to focus on and solve the problem.

Advisors you can count on to tell you the truth when others don’t dare.

We’ll be in your corner. We’ll be trainer and manager … sounding board and confidant. We’ll be there to help you win.

Because at the Holbrow Group, that’s what we do.

If we may be of assistance…

Please contact Traci Kerfont directly at 905-301-2264 or You may be assured of total confidentiality and discretion. And, of course, there is no obligation.