Our Team

Companies and organizations face a host of operational and strategic challenges – many are associated with developing and growing leaders as well as building and sustaining high performance teams. These challenges require leading edge and proven processes to address the core issues and define high performance solutions. The Holbrow Group draws on a number of trusted and proven professional business associates. Each is an expert in one or more fields of coaching, group facilitation and training as well as fitness.

Here’s our team roster:

Executive Coaching: Given The Holbrow Group often works with larger organizations and companies, it is called upon to recommend and supply more than one coach. Tapping into a cadre of highly regarded, trained and experienced professional coaches (all certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation) also ensures the individual needs or individuals e.g. gender preference, background and “fit” are factored into the coaching relationship and process. Contact us to learn more about our pool of outstanding talented Coaches.

Team Coaching: Team Coaching typically requires two co-leaders to observe and work closely within an organizational system. Holbrow Group Coaches are highly trained and well versed in Organization Systems Relationship Coaching (ORSC) and carefully matched for this insightful and leading edge, action – focused experience.

Colin HolbrowColin Holbrow

Principal, Executive and Team CoachingColin is an accredited executive coach with close to 10 years of coaching experience together with over 35 years of working in the business and public sectors. Professionally trained and certificated with the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute and accredited with the International Coach Federation as a professional (PCC) Coach, and a member of the Faculty of the Canadian Management Centre. Colin has had the privilege of coaching over 250 Executives and their direct reports plus many corporate teams. Frequently serving as a confidant during difficult strategic and operational decisions, he is particularly adapt at supporting senior managers and leaders who seek to maximize the organizations overall business performance regardless of challenges.

Sarah RobinsonSarah robinson

Leadership & Team CoachingSarah brings over 25 years experience working with individuals, groups and teams. She has the ability to put people at ease, establish trust and build a safe environment to have tough conversations about what needs to happen to be able to move forward. Blending curiosity, creativity, a sense of fun as well as a passion for achieving results, she is able to help clients explore new possibilities to get to where they want to go on their own terms. More information at www.amusecoach.com

Marie DelormeMarie Delorme, BSc, MBA

Training and FacilitationMarie Delorme is focused on strategic planning, business development, human resources management, Aboriginal relations, research, corporate governance, and group facilitation.


Gord WilsonGord Wilson

Training and Facilitation Gord specializes in training and business planning. Working with small business, not-for profit and municipalities he has developed and delivered planning strategies for sustained growth and future development.


Traci KerfontTraci Kerfont

Project Management and Graphic DesignTraci is a Personal (virtual) Assistant and Graphic Designer with many years of experience in the workplace. Traci’s proven strong organizational and project management skills help meet project timelines and stay within budget. Her knowledge of graphic design and desktop publishing allows for creative and effective eye-catching layouts in a range of visual materials.