Executive Coaching with The Holbrow Group

Because the job doesn’t come with a user’s manual.


People usually get new jobs because they’ve been good at their old jobs.

Unfortunately, there’s often little done to prepare them for the new position.

That means learning on the fly and on the job. A process that can be costly for the organization. Not to mention individual careers.

If only there was a way to help the newly promoted or newly hired executive quickly master the skills he or she will need to excel in the new position.

Colin Holbrow discusses what makes a great leader.
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Fortunately, there is. The Holbrow Group.

We’re the coaching firm that executives across Canada count on to be in their corner. Trusted advisors they can rely on to help them reach their full potential.

At the Holbrow Group, we offer executive coaching for CEOs and other C-level executives, team coaching and leadership training.

What we provide is an opportunity for good people to become great leaders.

7 Reasons To Choose The Holbrow Group

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Turbo-charge Your Chances of Success

Whether you are bumping up against the glass ceiling, unsatisfied in your work, or lacking a framework to address issues, we customize our coaching to address … read more

Find Professional Fulfillment While Maintaining A Work-Life Balance

We enable you to connect to your core values, focus on your priorities, and stay on target to reach your… read more

Be Supported by Solid Professional Coaching Credentials

In addition to being certified by the International Coaching Federation, all coaches at The Holbrow Group have more than 10 years of hands on coaching… read more

Benefit From Proven Methodology and an Award-Winning Reputation

The Holbrow Group uses a variety of proven methodologies and diagnostics such as personality mapping, emotional intelligence, and 360 degree leadership assessments… read more

Be Part of An Elite Portfolio of Industry and Corporate Clients

Organized follow-ups and check-in discussions are arranged for team coaching as well as support in between one-on-one executive coaching sessions. A comprehensive follow-up program for leadership training is also part of our commitment to success… read more

Receive Ongoing Coaching Support

In between the one-on-one Executive and Team Coaching sessions, The Holbrow Group provides as much email and phone support as you require to ensure success.. For Leadership Training, we also have a comprehensive follow-up program to make sure you stay on track with your customized action plan… read more

There Are Over 250 reasons to Choose Us

We have coached more than 250 individuals, accrued thousands of hours of one-on-one coaching experience, and accumulated… read more